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Gap Year Atlantic

In brief:

With 30 other young people on a tall ship crossing the ocean, helping with scientific research, coming back with the world in your backpack, Spanish and English and a clear idea of ​​where you want to go with your studies.

Experiencing adventure on a voyage of discovery with attention to history, culture, geology, astronomy, biology and ecology.

In keywords:

Discover new worlds, sea and land in the footsteps of nature researchers like Darwin and Von Humboldt, freedom and space, hands-on learning aboard a ship, sailing, teamwork, carrying responsibilities, collaborating on scientific research, learning Spanish, personal conversations in which you search for the match between your talents, your future wishes and your choice of study, immerse yourself in other cultures, navigation lessons, cooking classes of a real ship’s cook, (optional) historical navigation with sextant, compass, star chart, sea chart and compass, unique excursions , wild nature, climbing volcanoes, standing on the beaches where Columbus once stood, contacting peers from other countries, planning your own trips over land, getting international contacts…

Gap Year Atlantic

Gap Year Atlantic makes an interim year with certainty a valuable experience. The challenges are tangible, the range is varied and we know from experience that it contributes to everyone’s personal development. When the participating young people come back, they know what they want, they stand firmly in their shoes, take responsibility and have learned to be successful in teamwork.

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